About us

Company Overview

M B Knit Fashion Ltd. , a name for quality in the knit world, established in January, 1992, is still working for the

buyers through out the world. It (M B Knit Fashion Ltd.) is the first member of BKMEA (Registration no.

BKMEA: 01-B/1996). Quality and in time shipment is our first concern and with our policy in every steps in

production and exporting has satisfied the customers. To meet the commitment of quality and prompt delivery,

M B Knit Fashion Ltd. decided to integrate the manufacturing processes in a planned manner.


Over the years the entire process has been integrated by importing sophisticated machinery from world-

renowned manufacturers. Working on new concepts in styling and content of the knitwear is a continuous

activity in M B Knit Fashion with an objective to up the quality and the value of the merchandise.

Social Policy
M B Knit Fashion Ltd. is committed to the best human workplace practices. Our goal is to continuously improve
our human resource policy and procedures through education, training, communication, and employee’s