M B Knit Fashion Ltd is a Compliance Factory. This factory follows therules of Compliance law.

Some briefings are as below:


  1. Child & force labor are not allowed in M B Knit Fashion ltd. Workers are graded according to law.
  2. The salaries & wages paid are consistently and significantly higher than the minimum level prescribed by the law.
  3. The grade and salary are clearly stated in the appointment letters. Working hours in the factories are fixed at eight hours & Plus one hour, in the middle for meals and rest as per law.
  4. Overtime is paid at twice of hourly rates does not exceed the levels prescribed by the law.
  5. Working hours are clearly stated in the appointment letters and displayed in the factory premises.
  6. Regular of overtime hours in a day are distinctly recorded in the time card of the workers and signed by their supervisor.
  7. There is one mandatory holiday for every six days of work.
  8. All workers receive written employment contact or appointment letter with stipulate wages, benefits, working hours, overtime payment, leave benefit, and separationprocedure only mentioned.
  9. The probationary or training period is limited to three months real efforts are made to impart the necessary skills to the worker during the probation period. Workers with wage basis receive the guaranteed minimum wages mandated by laws, even when the company is not able to provide sufficient work for them. The required productivity level in return for those wages, are clearly identified and production levels above those make the
    worker earn proportionally higher wages. The following facilities are provided to our employees in the Factory.
  10. Medical treatment, checkup, free medicine and full time Medical team for Emergency cases.
  11. Two festival bonus, Production bonus and Attendance bonus.
  12. Minimum wages Paid as per Labour Law.
  13. Working hours 8 hrs per day. 2 hrs OT if needed, but it should be the consent of workers.
  14. Sufficient sanitary and toilet facilities provided to the employees.
  15. Pure drinking water for employees.
  16. Leave facilities.
  17. Recreation, Reward & subscription and yearly Increment benefit.
  18. PABX & internet system for effective communication.
  19. First aid boxes are in each floor as per COC for emergency treatment.
  20. We have two main stairs in our factory. There are aisles marks, exit light, emergency passage (with marked) in each floor & no obstruction for easy movement during emergency period.